On addiction

I’m trying
to stay asleep
as long as I can
so I don’t have to write
in my journal
because if I did, then my journal would hold
what I’ve been through
and it’d remember
and everything
would be terrible

But then I wake up
and I do write
on my journal
in order to avoir
telling my friends
because if I did, then my friends would know
what I’m going through
and they’d say the words
and everything
would be terrible

It’s okay, I’ll tell myself
it’s just dopamine
dopamine’s just chemistry
chemistry can be fought
with established processes
established processes
already exist
so it can wait
until I start
then it’s all gonna be


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Florence Rivières

"Hold my tea." • Autrice, comédienne et photographe. Addictions : le thé et l'auto-stop.

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